in my clients words.


Emma’s work and talent speak for themselves and she is an absolute dream to work with. She has quite an eye and will take the best memorable photos of you and your loved ones. Always looking for a reason to book her!
— Rachael D.

Emma is an absolute dream to work with. She has a way of making you feel completely comfortable and natural in front of the camera, which is reflected in the truly beautiful moments she is able to capture. I can’t wait to work with her again!
— Taylor C.

Love her work! We did a mommy & me mini session with my 11 week old that just didn’t care to have her picture taken at the time but Emma some how got some amazing pictures of us. The background, the lighting all of it just turned out beautiful! Can’t wait to do more photos with Emma!!
— Kate B.

Emma Wolf Photography is fantastic. I chose the photographer based on her portfolio, and I wasn’t disappointed. Emma showed up and was pleasant, friendly, fun, warm, and helpful. I definitely recommend going with Emma Wolf Photography! The email and call correspondence is also incredibly prompt and friendly. Do not hesitate to choose Emma!
— Karen P.

My family and I needed some photos with my parents, before we moved from CA to TX. Even though I had lived in SCV for a couple of decades I couldn’t figure out where to take our photos so Emma suggested a venue that provided the perfect backdrop and highlighted the memories and faces I wanted to make as treasured keepsakes. I’ve always wanted beautiful photos and that’s exactly what we got, Emma knew how to suggest where we stand and pose without the photos ending up with a “too staged” feeling and I love how they came out. Emma takes her time making you comfortable so you have genuine smiles and she can calm the crankiest of toddlers (big plus in this tired mommas book!) as any parent knows trying to keep a toddler focused is no easy task.
— Katie B.

Emma did an amazing job photographing me and my 1 & 2 year old boys, and let me tell you, that is not an easy task with two young toddlers! My older son who usually doesn’t smile as much on the spot for photos, smiled a ton and had a great time! Emma is super patient, kind, prompt, very responsive, trustworthy, and committed to her clients. Emma makes everyone feel very relaxed in front of the camera, and takes her time shooting, so you never feel rushed. Her editing talents are superb as well! Emma took beautiful photos of my boys and me and I’m so grateful. I recommend her 100%!
— Xenia M.

Emma was fabulous to work with, her comfort an ease around us made it easy for us to settle in and get the beautiful, natural and honest headshots we were looking for. As someone who much prefers to call the shots - than be in them - I’d recommend Emma to anyone. And I look forward to going back to her again soon!
— Tarrah C.

Emma was truly amazing to work with, what I loved most was how patient she were with us, the dog and then the baby. I love that she was open to all of the shots we wanted to try and didn’t make us feel rushed through our sessions (especially when the dog wouldn’t cooperate). Not everyone would be open to including animals and it may seem like a small thing to some people but we consider our pup an important part of our family so capturing such great shots with him really meant a lot to us. Also, thank you for turning around the gallery so quickly with each shoot! We really enjoyed working with her and hope to have her capture our future family milestones!
— Christina S.