love + lace // boudoir session

Here it is. My very first blog post. Why does this feel so awkward? Like I’m traveling back to when I was 14, Garbage playing in the background, trying so hard to type exactly what I was feeling thinking anyone actually cared. But guys, I was so deep.

But in all honesty, I’ve been wanting to start this whole blog thing for awhile. Not only to further impress you all with my stellar writing skills (LOL ::eye roll::), but to actually show you some of my favorite photos I’ve taken over the years! And what better way to jump in then to share one of my absolute favorite sessions to photograph: boudoir.

Rachael has been my best friend since she first read my blog at 14…. just kidding. But we have been friends since high school. Let’s not get into how long ago that was… (hint: we old). So when she came to me and asked me to take some boudoir photos, my response was nothing short of FUCK YES QUEEN.

So please enjoy Goddess Rachael, and all her beauty. PRAISE BE.